The Role of High-Performance Grease in High Vacuum Pump Applications

What are High Vacuum Pumps?

Vacuum pumps continue to grow in necessity as they are an essential component of most refrigeration and air conditioning systems. These high-functioning devices remove air or non-condensables from the system, altering the space's pressure and creating a full or partial vacuum. 

High vacuum pumps possess a specific pressure range that fuels them to remove molecules from the vacuum space. With a pressure range of (10-3 to 10-8 torr), high vacuum pumps are used when the final absolute pressure is very low. These critical devices require consistent care to maintain the functionality of their essential applications and systems, particularly when it comes to lubrication. 

How is High-Performance Grease used in these applications?

A high-performance vacuum grease is a valuable solution for vacuum function and upkeep. These lubricants are regularly used in applications where outgassing and loss of pressure raise concerns. From vacuum sealants to diffusion pumps and generators, high-performance grease is a necessary component in the operation of vacuum fluid applications. 

How do I Choose a Vacuum Pump Grease?

Vacuum greases come in a broad range of complex formulations. From standard hydrocarbon and silicone fluid to more specialty fluorinated chemistries like PCTFE and PFPE, there are many options when it comes to preserving the performance of a vacuum application. 

While standard vacuum greases are suitable for normal operating conditions, they may not be able to sustain corrosive environments, high temperatures applications, and high vacuum systems. However, grease formulations engineered from PTFE or PFPE can support these types of conditions and improve the overall performance of high vacuum systems and their components.  

InfinX Halovac Greases

As an industry-leading developer of high-performance lubricants, HaloVac by InfinX specializes in cutting-edge formulations optimal for vacuum pump operation and maintenance. Contributing to InfinX’s comprehensive portfolio of premium solutionsInfinX HaloVac 25 and InfinX HaloVac Ultra are two specialty vacuum greases that enhance high vacuum system performance. 

InfinX HaloVac Ultra

InfinX HaloVac is a non-flammable, non-reactive, and chemically inert grease 

optimal for sealing and lubricating laboratory and high-vacuum industry systems. Engineered from a low vapor pressure PFPE-based oil and fluorocarbon thickener, this low vapor pressure grease is excellent for vacuum applications, particularly ones involving ultra-low pressures, extreme temperatures, and hostile chemical environments. 

InfinX HaloVac 25

InfinX HaloVac 25 is a synthetic lubricating grease well-suited for laboratory 

vacuum and low-pressure applications. Composed of PCTFE and thickened with silica, this high-performance grease is optimal for vacuum applications where strong Lewis acid resistance is needed over a wide range of temperatures. 

With decades of experience producing high-performance lubricants, InfinX by Halocarbon delivers premium results that upgrade the safety and reliability of vacuum pump systems. Discover your next breakthrough and shop our line of HaloVac lubricants today.