InfinX products are used in applications ranging from aerospace and the military to chemical manufacturing and energy production. Their thermal stability, resistance to oxidation, and lack of compressibility make them unique solutions for your most challenging applications.

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With InfinX, you can expect high performance, a great value, and products that last. InfinX leverages 70 years in fluorochemistry to provide you with the breakthrough you have been searching for.

InfinX Calibration Fluid 0.8: The Optimal Refill Fluid For Fluke Calibration Systems

When it comes to ensuring the utmost accuracy in secondary or comparison temperature calibrations, Fluke Calibration baths have long been the top choice of National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) and calibration laboratories worldwide. 

These state-of-the-art bath technologies utilize specialized fluids to provide optimal temperature environments, boasting unsurpassed stability, uniformity, and a large working volume. With various models available, including compact, deep-well, hot, cold, resistor, and custom baths, Fluke offers a comprehensive solution for thermometer calibration and temperature sensor calibration. But which calibration bath fluid ensures the best results?

Characteristics of Cryogenic Calibration Bath Fluids Engineered Fluids, Instrumental Analysis Fluids

InfinX, a leader in cutting-edge performance fluids and lubricants, presents a calibration bath fluid that addresses the key needs of low-temperature thermometric sensor calibration.  Our high-performance fluids provide the stability, safety, and uniformity required at extremely low temperatures. When it comes to cryogenic temperature probe calibration, precision and repeatability are paramount, and our fluids deliver unparalleled properties to meet the demands of a broad range of industries – from aviation and aerospace, to pharmaceutical cold-chain management and biochemical manufacturing.

Seven Reasons to Use InfinX Calibration Fluid 0.8 for Ultra-Low and Low-Temperature Calibration Baths

When it comes to ultra-low and low-temperature thermometric calibration, metrology experts require highly uniform fluids that maintain viscosities down to cryogenic temperatures. InfinX Calibration Fluid 0.8 is the safe and reliable choice industry standard for these extreme temperature calibration processes.  This engineered calibration bath fluid ensures optimal performance across a wide temperature range. Discover the seven reasons why InfinX Calibration Fluid 0.8 is the ultimate solution for your ultra-low and low-temperature calibration bath needs.

InfinX HaloVac Ultra: A Versatile PFPE Vacuum Grease

Contributing to InfinX’s broad selection of premium solutions, InfinX HaloVac Ultra offers exceptional stability and compatibility for the most dem...