InfinX MRO KF205: An Optimal PFPE Waterproof Automotive Sealant

What are Waterproof Automotive Sealants?

Automotive sealants, or seals, refer to the rubber commonly used to “seal” convertible tops, sunroofs, moonroofs, trunk lids, doors, and weather stripping used around car windows. When automotive seals function properly, the average consumer barely ever interacts with them—they may not notice them at all. However, once issues with automotive seals start to fail, they can lead to significant issues. 

Some of these problems include NVH-related (noise, vibration, and harshness) malfunctions such as shaking, squeaking, and rattling from the glass of the sunroof or moonroof; windows rubbing against the rubber seals leading to noise or window failures, and more. These types of issues are often the direct result of two materials rubbing together in an unsatisfactory manner. Automotive sealants often fail from general wear and tear, but if these problems are left untreated, they can lead to dangerous leaks and even total part failure. 

Maintaining Automotive Sealants

By adequately caring for a vehicle’s automotive seals with high-performance lubricants, these types of scenarios can be prevented and avoided altogether. InfinX MRO KF205, a premium, inert grease designed for harsh conditions and applications, is an optimal solution to better maintain the waterproof seals on vehicles. This exceptional lubricant is formulated with innovative PFPE technology, which enables it to perform in some of the most challenging environments. 

Where Should InfinX KF205 be Applied? 

InfinX MRO KF205 should be applied in small quantities to the weather stripping around windows, or around sun and moon roofs. This prevents the rubber seals from “bunching up” or “gathering,” which can produce noise when operating these components or lead to degradation. This type of behavior from rubber can also compromise the impermeability of these parts, which leads to water damage and leaks. 

By applying a thin film of InfinX MRO KF205 to the sliding contact areas of convertible tops, sun and moonroofs, trunk lids, and doors, car owners and mechanics can keep the rubber compound in good condition and protect it from oxidation. Additionally, this preventative measure works to prevent moving parts like the sun and moonroof from getting stuck if the rubber seal sticks to itself. 

What Makes InfinX MRO KF205 Well-Suited for Waterproof Automotive Sealants?

InfinX MRO KF205 is a fluorinated PFPE grease thickened with PTFE that provides excellent, lifetime lubrication in a variety of applications. This high-performance lubricant is compatible with most plastics, elastomers, and rubbers, which ensures that it won’t damage any components. InfinX MRO KF205 also does not oxidize, so it won’t change colors or become sticky. This non-hazardous, non-toxic grease is safe to use as it does not contain any hazardous organic compounds and will not react with dangerous chemicals or common compounds. Additionally, InfinX MRO KF205 offers exceptional environmental compatibility, and is resistant to factors like humidity, dust, water, and more. 

Many of these rubber seal applications that are subject to degradation are fairly small, and don’t require large quantities of grease. InfinX MRO KF205 is available in small, 60g syringes for ease of use, with a more controlled and direct application. 

The InfinX MRO line of products is specifically developed to provide a comprehensive selection of fluorinated greases and oils for use in today’s toughest environments and applications. Explore the InfinX MRO line of high-performance fluorinated greases for your automotive sealant needs today. Your biggest challenge just got easier.