High-Performance PFPE Grease to Reduce Automotive Interior NVH

What is NVH?

Automotive NVH, or noise, vibration, and harshness, refers to a particular field of tribology that focuses on measuring, modifying, and often reducing the noise and vibration characteristics of vehicles, typically applied to cars and trucks. Automotive engineers commonly face the challenge of mitigating NVH when designing modern automobiles. As vehicles become increasingly complex, the standards for NVH become higher, but sometimes, refining NVH for a comfortable and quieter car experience depends on supplemental actions and products.

Where in Cars Does NVH Originate?

Primarily, NVH issues stem from areas of the car where unique materials interact with each other, such as metal on plastic, leather on leather, weather stripping, and more. These types of materials are responsible for a wide range of noises, which are frequently labeled squeaks, itches, judders or rattles. Some of the more typical interiors that produce NVH include door handles or latches, console latches and compartments, interior handles, cup holder springs, and glove box components. Externally, NVH-producing areas include weather stripping and rubber seals on the moonroof or sunroof, or weather stripping around the car windows. 

What is InfinX MRO KF205?

InfinX MRO KF205 is a high-performance lubricating grease formulated for use in particularly harsh conditions. Designed using innovative PFPE Technology, this grease is safe for use across a broad range of applications. InfinX MRO KF205 is chemically inert and nonflammable, and is safe for use in direct contact with hazardous chemicals. Its outstanding performance and compatibility with rubbers and elastomers make it extremely well-suited for use as a lubricant in many automotive NVH applications.

How InfinX MRMO KF205 Treats and Prevents Automotive NVH 

InfinX MRO KF205 helps to prevent and treat automotive NVH in several ways. This fluorinated PFPE grease is thickened with PTFE, which ensures reliable lifetime lubrication and allows it to function as a noise-dampening grease. InfinX MRO KF205 is also compatible with most plastics and elastomers, which means that it won’t damage the components with which it interacts. This premium grease does not oxidize, which avoids discoloration and stickiness. Additionally, InfinX MRO KF205 is both non-hazardous and non-toxic, which makes it safe for interaction and application in environments with volatile organic compounds, humidity, dust, water, and the potentiality of chemicals. 

Most of the areas and components that require grease to reduce NVH are small, and don’t require a large amount of grease. Accordingly, InfinX MRO KF205 is offered in small, 60g syringes for more precise, direct dispersion and application.  

The InfinX MRO line of products is specifically developed to provide a comprehensive selection of fluorinated greases and oils for use in today’s toughest environments and applications. Explore the InfinX MRO line of breakthrough fluorinated lubricants for your automotive NVH needs today. Your biggest challenge just got easier.