High-Performance PFPE Grease and Lube for Mechanical Keyboards and Switches

What are Mechanical Keyboards and Switches?

Mechanical keyboards continue to grow in popularity with the rise of gaming, as the optimal keyboard can significantly impact performance and execution. Mechanical keyboards are the classic keyboards from the 1980s and 1990s, but today are made with high-quality plastic switches to facilitate tactile keystrokes. These switches consist of the keycap, the stem, and a housing case, and are spring-loaded for better pressure sensitivity than other, more common keyboards. 

These increasingly essential tools are composed of complex components that require informed care and attentive upkeep to maintain effectiveness and reliability, especially due to their excessive use. Gamers use a wide variety of lubricants and greases to extend the lifetime of mechanical keyboards and switches and prolong their utility, but finding the right grease formulation can often be difficult. 

High-Performance Lube and Grease for Mechanical Keyboards

As an innovative developer of high-performance lubricants and greases, InfinX specializes in the formulation of solutions that are particularly well-suited for unique applications. InfinX MRO KF205, a PFPE-based grease formulation, exhibits optimal performance properties for mechanical keyboards and switches. 

Engineered using a 160 cSt K-fluid and a superior PTFE micro-powder thickener, InfinX MRO KF205 offers premium performance and exceptional longevity. InfinX MRO KF205 functions as a high-performing substitute to other leading PFPE greases, such as Krytox GPL 205, making it an excellent alternative for mechanical keyboard application. This high-quality, efficient grease is strategically formulated to deliver exceptional temperature stability and outstanding durability in chemically and thermally demanding applications, which helps ensure peak keyboard performance for longer durations. 

InfinX MRO KF205 provides long-term, non-flammable lubrication in a broad range of temperatures. When compared to Krytox GPL 205, the intrinsic properties are essentially identical.

Benefits of InfinX MRO KF205 Keyboard Lube

  • Long-lasting lubricant life
  • Decreased equipment failure and maintenance
  • Extreme temperature stability
  • Negligible oil loss
  • Extension of operating life and process up-time
  • Significantly reduced relubrication intervals
  • Odorless and colorless 
  • Inert, non-toxic, and non-flammable

InfinX MRO KF205 is a high-performance lubricant that is intentionally manufactured for use in repair operations and routine industrial maintenance (MRO). Formulated by industry-leading engineers and chemists, this keyboard grease is optimal to extend the lifetime and enhance the dexterity of mechanical keyboards and gaming switches. InfinX PFPE technology brings over 70 years of specialty fluorochemical expertise and technical know-how to develop solutions to your toughest problems.