InfinX by Halocarbon: The Safe Choice for Oxygen Service

Oxygen can react violently with conventional mineral oil and synthetic lubricants.  In the presence of oxygen-rich environments, hydrocarbon-based lubricants can auto-combust, creating extremely hazardous conditions.  Halocarbon is an industry-leader in fluorinated lubricant technology.  Our fluorinated oils and greases were designed specifically for use in reactive-gas service.  These products are based on a technology that is inherently non-flammable, non-reactive, thermally stable, and most importantly… safe.

Halocarbon is proud to offer our most trusted reactive-gas lubricant products under our new InfinX brand.  Our MRO line of InfinX products feature the same oil and grease formulations that have been trusted for use in oxygen service for over 70  years.

InfinX MRO oils and greases are designed for use across a broad range of oxygen service components:

  • Tanks and Cylinders
  • Cryogenic Tanks
  • Piping
  • Threaded connectors
  • O-rings and gaskets
  • Fittings
  • Valves
  • Regulators
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Gauges
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Diaphragm Seals
  • … and many more…

It is for this reason that InfinX by Halocarbon is trusted across multiple industries that use oxygen gas in day-to-day operations:

  • US Airforce and US Navy life-support systems
  • Aerospace oxygen-delivery systems
  • Medical oxygen compressors, cylinders, connectors
  • Oxygen transportation, delivery, off-loading and storage
  • Oxy-acetylene welding
  • … and many more…

InfinX MRO Lubricants For Oxygen Handling

For decades, Halocarbon Lubricants are used to safely lubricate a broad range of reactive gas applications. By providing the required chemical inertness towards strong oxidizers and reactive chemicals across wide temperature ranges, these nonflammable oils and greases are the trusted lubricants for use in aerospace, defense, hazardous chemical operations, and medical oxygen services.  Specifically, InfinX MRO 2505, InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil, and InfinX MRO 27 Oil are our most commonly purchased lubricants for use in oxygen-rich environments.

InfinX MRO 2505 is a thick, long-lasting, and nonflammable grease that is specifically engineered for applications that operate in extreme temperature ranges. Our unique PCTFE technology ensures that these greases are formulated with robust performance characteristics, including chemical inertness, nonflammability, oxygen compatibility, and broad temperature stability. Its excellent thermal stability and low compressibility make it optimal for use in oxygen applications such as ventilators, valves, fittings, gaskets, o-rings and connectors.

InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil is a transparent oil widely used as a fill-fluid in oxygen-service gauges. This low-viscosity fill-fluid is oxygen safe, non-flammable, and chemically inert, which makes it best-suited for reactive gas services and applications. InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil helps dampen needle vibration in gauges, prevent leaks, and serves as a safe fill-fluid that will not react in the presence of oxygen. The medical oxygen industry uses InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil for process equipment as well as the regulators found on oxygen cylinders and tanks. The industrial oxygen industry also uses InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil in liquid filled gauges on new and refurbished cryogenic oxygen tanks, as well as a fill fluid in various chemical manufacturing applications.

InfinX MRO 27 Oil is a high-performance oil designed and formulated for reactive gas environments and services. This inert oil performs well as a lubricant in applications where safety, nonflammability, chemical compatibility, and thermal stability are crucial. InfinX MRO 27 Oil is routinely used in oxygen manufacturing facilities as well as in transportation vehicles for the safe shipment and delivery of oxygen. Additionally, this specialty oil can be used as a working fluid in pumps and compressors for oxygen-service production and transport applications.

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