InfinX HaloVac 25: A Multi-Purpose PCTFE Grease

Adding to InfinX’s extensive portfolio of premium solutions, InfinX HaloVac 25 offers cutting-edge performance, stability, and safety for high vacuum industry systems and laboratory applications. Using Halocarbon PCTFE technology and a fumed silica thickener, this high-performance grease provides exceptional lubrication, chemical resistance, and compatibility across a broad range of materials.

What is InfinX HaloVac 25?

InfinX HaloVac 25 is a synthetic lubricating grease well-suited for laboratory vacuum and low-pressure applications. With a low vapor pressure and wide-operating temperature, this silica-thickened grease is an optimal solution for sealing gaskets, glass and ceramic joints, stopcocks and plug valves. Providing safe and reliable performance under varying conditions, InfinX HaloVac 25 maintains its non-flammability and chemical inertness across a wide range of temperatures (–20 °C to +175 °C).

InfinX HaloVac 25 Key Properties

  • NLGI Grade #: 2.5
  • Thickener: Silica
  • Color: Semi-translucent, Off-white
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -10°C (14°F)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 175°C (350°F)
  • Base Oil Type: PCTFE
  • Base Oil Viscosity, cSt: 370 @ 38°C
  • Dropping Point, C: None
  • Flash Point, C: None

What sets InfinX HaloVac 25 apart?

Formulated from Halocarbon PCTFE technology, InfinX HaloVac 25 offers powerful resistance against Lewis Acids and other aggressive chemicals. Unlike silicone lubricants, this cutting-edge solution can be easily removed from surfaces using conventional laboratory solvents and cleaners, preventing cross-contamination, deposit formation, and fouling. 

Showcasing long-lasting durability and compatibility, Infinx HaloVac 25 performs well in various conditions. With its high thermal stability, this synthetic lubricant provides a nonflammable solution that eliminates the risk of fire in high-volume applications. In addition, InfinX HaloVac also excels in cryogenic conditions and is a trusted lubricant for lasting resistance to harsh chemicals like oxygen and chlorine.  

What are some typical applications for InfinX HaloVac 25? 

With its low vapor pressure, temperature stability, and extreme chemical inertness, InfinX HaloVac 25 is optimal for high vacuum applications. Often used for sealing joints in laboratories or lubricating high-vacuum industry systems, this synthetic grease is an essential tool for all applications where outgassing must be avoided.

Vacuum Systems

InfinX HaloVac 25 works as an excellent performance-enhancer for vacuum systems and their components. This state-of-the-art solution uses adhesive technologies to reduce wear to requirement and extend the lifespans of vacuum parts, including manifolds, valves, and joints. This low vapor pressure grease also allows vacuum systems to reach medium vacuum pressure ranges, improving the system’s operational functions. 

Laboratory Joints

Categorized as a general-purpose laboratory grease, InfinX HaloVac 25 acts as a  high-performing sealant for laboratory joints. With its convenient syringe  applicator, InfinX HaloVac 25 allows an easy and controlled application process. This fluorolube can be applied directly to plastics, elastomers, ground glass joints, cryogenics traps and more. InfinX HaloVac 25 is a valuable application in laboratories and other environments where harsh chemical exposure is common or when cross-contamination grease residue is a concern. 

Seal Lubrication

Plug valves, control valves, flow meter bearings, and water treating equipment — these are just a few of InfinX HaloVac 25’s various applications for seal lubrication. Equipped for use in many applications and environments, this silica-thickened grease can be used in high temperature or high vacuum applications, semiconductor applications, and laboratory applications. 

As an industry-leading developer of high-performance lubricants, InfinX by Halocarbon ensures excellent reliability and safety in its product performance. Discover your next breakthrough by shopping our line of HaloVac lubricants today.