InfinX HaloVac Ultra: A Versatile PFPE Vacuum Grease

Contributing to InfinX’s broad selection of premium solutions, InfinX HaloVac Ultra offers exceptional stability and compatibility for the most demanding vacuum applications. Engineered from Halocarbon PFPE technology, this ultra-low vapor pressure grease is designed to provide superior performance in low pressure, extreme temperature, and harsh chemical environments. 

What is InfinX HaloVac Ultra?

InfinX HaloVac Ultra is a non-flammable, non-reactive, and chemically inert grease designed to provide substantial seals and lubrication for laboratories and high-vacuum industry systems. This low-vapor pressure lubricant is a valuable tool in professional and manufacturing environments prioritizing vacuum seal fidelity. Composed of a new and cutting-edge grease formulation, InfinX HaloVac Ultra provides strong sealing capabilities at ultra-low pressures (down to 10 to -13 mmHg) and across a wide range of temperatures (-15 °C to +300 °C).

InfinX HaloVac 25 Key Properties

  •  NLGI Grade #: 2
  • Thickener: PTFE
  • Color: Smooth, White
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -20°C (-4°F)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 300°C (572°F)
  • Base Oil Type: PFPE
  • Base Oil Viscosity, cSt: 785 @ 40°C
  • Dropping Point, C: None
  • Flash Point, C: None

What sets InfinX HaloVac Ultra apart?

Formulated with a low vapor pressure PFPE-based oil and fluorocarbon thickener, InfinX HaloVac Ultra offers unparalleled strength and stability that surpasses any conventional hydrocarbon and silicone grease and even other leading fluorinated lubricants. The most chemically inert vacuum grease in the HaloVac line of products — InfinX HaloVac Ultra provides long-lasting seals and maximizes the reliability and performance lifetime of pressure systems and their components.  

This non-flammable and non-reactive solution provides premium lubrication and sealing in vacuum systems, reducing wear on equipment and extending the lifespan of vacuum components. Given the product’s ultra-low vapor pressure, InfinX HaloVac Ultra creates low evaporation under vacuum conditions. With strong resistance to harsh processes and chemicals and high compatibility with a broad range of materials, InfinX HaloVac Ultra offers superior sealing capabilities that outperform competing lubricants. 

What are some typical applications for InfinX HaloVac? 

With high-temperature stability, low vapor pressure, and powerful chemical resistance, InfinX HaloVac Ultra is an optimal solution for sealing joints in laboratories and lubricating high-vacuum 

industry systems. In particular, this high-performance grease is fit for electro-mechanical industry components and can be used for a wide range of applications as a sealant, lubricant, oven converter chain and bearing grease, and any other applications of similar conditions. 

Semiconductor technology

Semiconductor technology often operates at high temperatures and under vacuum, creating the need for high-performance lubricants that protect the wear of manufacturing and processing equipment. Protecting linear guides, bearings, and seals from damage, InfinX HaloVac Ultra is the ideal solution for preserving the functionality of these semiconductor systems. 

Linear guides in cleanrooms

Linear guides operate in constant motion. Therefore, it is vital that their individual components are properly lubricated to combat potential friction and wear. InfinX HaloVac Ultra preserves system functionality by improving yields and preventing costly downtime, ensuring linear guides are properly facilitating linear X and Y motion in horizontal and vertical planes.

Lubrication of seals

Plug valves, control valves, flow meter bearings, and water treating equipment — these are just a few of InfinX HaloVac Ultra’s various applications for seal lubrication. This oxygen-safe grease is a helpful sealant that improves the stability and performance of high temperature and high vacuum systems.

As an industry-leading developer of high-performance lubricants, InfinX ensures excellent reliability and safety in its product performance. Discover your next breakthrough by shopping our line of HaloVac lubricants today.