Revolutionizing Chlorine Applications and Compatibility With InfinX MRO Lubricants

InfinX by Halocarbon has long stood at the forefront of industrial innovation, particularly in the realm of specialty fluids and lubricants. With the recent update of the Chlorine Institute's Pamphlet #164, InfinX's dedication to producing chlorine-compatible products has been recognized, revolutionizing safety and efficiency in various chlorine-involved industries.

The Need for Chlorine-Compatible Solutions

Chlorine's widespread use in chemical and manufacturing industries is undisputed, yet its highly reactive nature poses significant challenges. Traditional organics in greases and oils can react explosively with chlorine, necessitating inert, non-reactive, high-performance lubricants for safe processing and application.

Chlorine Applications Across Key Industries

Chlorine, a highly reactive element, is crucial in several key industries, necessitating the use of specialized chlorine-compatible lubricants for safety and efficiency. 

  • Chemical Industry Applications: In the chemical industry, for instance, chlorine is vital in the production of PVC and CPVC, where it undergoes high-temperature reactions with other materials. The use of chemically inert lubricants, like those offered by InfinX, is essential here to prevent hazardous interactions and ensure process safety.
  • Water Treatment Industry Applications: Water treatment and pool/spa maintenance are other significant areas where chlorine's disinfectant properties are indispensable. Lubricants in these sectors must resist chlorine-induced corrosion and degradation, maintaining the functionality and longevity of equipment. InfinX lubricants, known for their chemical inertness and non-corrosiveness, are particularly suited for these environments.
  • Chlor-Alkali Industry Applications: Moreover, in chlorine gas production and the chlor-alkali process, where chlorine's reactivity is a major safety concern, the need for completely inert lubricants is paramount. InfinX's range of greases and lubricants, recognized for their nonflammability and chemical inertness, meet these rigorous requirements. They ensure operational safety and efficiency in environments where even minimal reactivity can lead to dangerous scenarios.

    Overall, industries such as chemical manufacturing, water treatment, and chlorine processing rely heavily on chlorine-compatible lubricants like those from InfinX to mitigate risks and enhance operational efficiency in environments where chlorine's reactive nature poses significant challenges.

    InfinX's Chlorine-Compatible Portfolio

    InfinX, under its new branding from Halocarbon, brings a range of products like InfinX MRO 2505 and InfinX MRO 2510, formerly Halocarbon 25-5S and 25-10M respectively. These products, including the new PFPE-based InfinX MRO KF205, are formulated to be nonflammable, chemically inert, and compatible with chlorine, enhancing safety and performance across various temperature ranges.

    InfinX products shine in numerous chlorine-related applications:

    • Chlorine Gas and PVC Production: InfinX greases ensure operational safety and efficiency in direct contact with chlorine gas and in the high-temperature environments of PVC production.
    • CPVC Production and Water Treatment: The chemical inertness and chlorine compatibility of InfinX lubricants contribute to improved product performance and operational safety in CPVC production and water treatment facilities.
    • Pool and Spa Chemicals: InfinX products provide non-corrosive, chemically inert solutions ideal for maintaining pools and spas, enhancing the longevity of equipment and components.
    • Chlor Alkali Process: InfinX greases are tailored for the electrolysis of sodium chloride, offering chlorine contact compatibility essential for this process.

    InfinX MRO products also demonstrate compatibility with Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide, as noted in the Chlorine Institute's Pamphlet #164. Get in touch with the experts at InfinX to learn more.

    Innovation and Ease of Purchase

    InfinX not only excels in product innovation but also streamlines the purchasing experience. With an intuitive eCommerce platform, InfinX ensures a seamless, efficient buying experience, especially for bulk purchases.

    InfinX products represent the pinnacle of innovation in chlorine-compatible lubricants. With an unwavering commitment to safety, performance, and ease of purchase, InfinX stands as an industry leader, setting new benchmarks and continuously evolving to meet the demands of modern manufacturing. Let’s create your next breakthrough