High-Performance Greases for Chlorine Applications and Handling

A highly-demanded compound in the chemical and manufacturing industries, chlorine is a reactive substance that serves a wide range of essential functions. These industries require various oils and greases for valves, compressors, diaphragm instrumentation, and other applications. However, chlorine has the potential to explosively react with a number of organics frequently used to formulate these greases and oils. Accordingly, chemical manufacturers and industry professionals require inert, non-reactive, high-performance greases for safe chlorine processing, handling, and application.  

InfinX Greases for Chlorine Service

Strategically formulated for maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), InfinX MRO lubricants offer superior performance in areas where safety, reliability, and longevity are of the utmost importance. Specifically, InfinX MRO 2505 and InfinX MRO 2510 are particularly well-suited for use in several chlorine service applications, including:

  • Chlorine Gas
  • PVC Production
  • CPVC Production
  • Water Treatment
  • Pool and Spa Chemicals
  • Chlor Alkali Process

Formerly renowned as Halocarbon 25-5S, InfinX MRO 2505 is an inert, NLGI 3, silica-thickened grease that is nonflammable and nonreactive. InfinX MRO 2505 provides superior safety in a broad range of temperatures, perfect for use with valves, regulators, and as an assembly lube for parts that come in direct contact with chlorine and other reactive gasses. 

Previously known as Halocarbon 25-10M, InfinX MRO 2510 is a soft, NLGI 1, high-performance, PCTFE-thickened grease that is safe, chemically inert, nonflammable, and chlorine compatible. With its broad compatibility and wide service temperature range, InfinX MRO 2510 provides outstanding versatility for an abundance of chlorine applications and usages. 

Additionally, our new PFPE-based grease, InfinX MRO KF205, is a specialty, NLGI 2, grease manufactured by a controlled polymerization process and then stabilized to impart several unique properties. This white, buttery grease is thickened using high-grade PTFE, and is recommended for applications where material compatibility challenges, and thermal stability challenges are beyond the capability of other conventional and synthetic lubricants. 

Chlorine Gas

Chlorine gas service utilizes lubricants in a variety of applications. Vacuum pumps, valve components, pump and reactor seals, and o-rings all require some form of premium lubrication to ensure operational safety and efficiency. These components often interact directly with chlorine gas itself and must be formulated with completely inert materials to avoid hazardous scenarios. InfinX MRO greases are ideal for chlorine gas applications, as they will enhance lubricity and better withstand the harsh environments of the chlorine gas industry. 

PVC Production

PVC production, or the production of polyvinyl chloride, is crucial to the manufacturing and construction industries. Though PVC is chemically stable and does not de-polymerize, the production process combines chlorine with ethylene, resulting in ethylene dichloride. This material is then converted into vinyl chloride monomers at very high temperatures. Accordingly, greases and oils used throughout this process must be chemically inert and chlorine compatible, especially in thermally aggressive environments. InfinX MRO greases perform extremely well in PVC production, as it enhances technical performance, flowability, and long-term reliability. 

CPVC Production

CPVC is engineered through several highly technical steps to deliver a product that outperforms traditional alternatives in terms of performance and quality. CPVC delivers higher temperature and pressure tolerance than conventional PVC, and manufacturers produce the compound as pellets or powder. CPVC is also extruded or injection molded into pipes, valves, fittings, flange adapters, which often require grease and lubrication. InfinX MRO greases are ideal for CPVC production and applications due to their chemical inertness and chlorine compatibility, as they improve product performance and operational safety.  

Water Treatment

Chlorine is used in a variety of forms for its powerful oxidants that kill or deactivate harmful organisms in our water and wastewater. Chlorination remains the most commonly used disinfection practice in modern wastewater operations and treatment facilities. Therefore, lubricants used in various components throughout water treatment plants must be chemically inert and chlorine compatible to ensure workplace safety and efficiency. InfinX MRO greases, such as InfinX MRO 2505 and InfinX MRO 2510, are optimal for water treatment applications that frequently come in direct contact with chlorine. 

Pool and Spa Chemicals

Pools and spas administer chlorine daily to keep their bodies of water clean and running smoothly, and chlorine tablets help maintain chlorine residual levels in pools and spas. Additionally, in order to prevent crack formation and leaks, pools and spas also require the application of lubricants and greases to a variety of components and equipment. Lubricants for these applications must be non-corrosive, chemically inert, and chlorine compatible. Both InfinX MRO 2505 and InfinX MRO 2510 are regularly used in the production of chlorine tablets, and are the perfect fit for the pool and spa industry, as they exhibit exceptional compatibility with reactive gasses and excel in a wide range of temperatures and chemical conditions. 

Chlor Alkali Process

An industrial process for the electrolysis of sodium chloride solutions, the chlor alkali process involves the decomposition of salt to make chlorine, sodium hydroxide and other commodity chemicals. For safe and efficient chlorine manufacturing, manufacturers must avoid organic oils and greases that generally react upon contact. However, InfinX MRO greases are strategically formulated for chlorine contact and compatibility, making them ideal for use in chlor alkali processes. 

InfinX MRO lubricants are designed for today’s toughest, most demanding environments. These premium greases are extremely suitable for chlorine applications, and we have more breakthrough solutions coming your way. Stay tuned for upcoming innovations from InfinX, a Halocarbon brand.