Halocarbon Flagship Greases Crossover to Lead InfinX MRO Launch

The crossover from: 
Halocarbon 25-10M to InfinX MRO 2510 and 
Halocarbon 25-5S to InfinX MRO 2505

With the launch of InfinX, Halocarbon PCTFE technology has been rebranded with a fresh new look and the same rich, 70-year history of performance excellence. Our family of premium fluorolubes now exists under one brand name but remains extremely well-suited to boost processing efficiency in a range of advanced manufacturing applications. Most notably, Halocarbon 25-10M and Halocarbon 25-5S greases are now available as InfinX MRO 2510 and InfinX MRO 2505, respectively. These high-quality fluorinated lubricants lead the InfinX MRO lineup, offering best-in-class performance properties to push the envelope of industry standards and meet the demanding challenges of modern manufacturing. 

InfinX MRO 2510 is a replacement for Halocarbon 25-10m grease.

As a softer bodied, high-viscosity PCTFE oil thickened with high molecular weight PCTFE powder, this inert oil is specifically formulated through a controlled polymerization process and is formulated to furnish a broad range of advantageous properties. This fluorinated lubricant is non hazardous, chemically inert, non-flammable, and is both oxygen and chlorine compatible. The thickener that is used in InfinX MRO 2510 exhibits the same chemically inertness and thermally stability of our lower molecular weight base oils, making it ideal for a broad range of manufacturing applications.  

With outstanding lubricity, high thermal stability, and low compressibility, InfinX MRO 2510 is the optimal grease for chlorine or bromine gas production and handling, water treatment facilities, bleach manufacturing processes, stainless steel anti-galling coatings, fertilizer production applications, and more. InfinX MRO 2510 is a premium grease designed for use in hazardous operations.  


InfinX MRO 2505 is a replacement for Halocarbon 25-5s grease.

As a general purpose lubricant, InfinX MRO 2505 is thickened with silica and designed for exceptional performance across a wide range of temperatures and chemical conditions. This inert grease is manufactured to provide superior safety and reliability to numerous manufacturing applications. Additionally, InfinX MRO 2505 is considered to be an all-purpose grease, as it is useful over a broad temperature range and often used in direct contact with oxygen and other reactive gas service applications. These properties make InfinX MRO 2505 a trusted grease for maintenance, repair, and operations at chemical plants, and for lubricating fittings, valves, and gaskets for breathing oxygen, life support, medical oxygen, and oxygen service and transportation.


Due to its intrinsic performance properties—non-flammability, moisture resistance, chemical inertness, and excellent safety—InfinX MRO 2505 excels in applications such as oxygen valves and systems, medical oxygen components, hyperbaric chambers, peroxide manufacturing and more. InfinX MRO 2505 also meets the requirements of United States Military Specification #MIL-G-47219A, making it a trusted lubricant by the US Air Force, Navy, and Maines for a broad range of oxygen-service applications.


Halocarbon’s InfinX MRO line of products is specifically formulated to provide a complete portfolio of fluorinated greases and oils for today’s toughest and harshest manufacturing environments and applications. With the InfinX MRO lineup, Halocarbon offers its partners and customers with a complete portfolio of fluorinated lubricant solutions for maintenance, repair, and operations. Check out the InfinX MRO line of breakthrough fluorinated lubricants for your MRO needs today.