Introducing InfinX MRO Lubricants

Halocarbon introduces the InfinX MRO line of high-performance lubricants.  The InfinX MRO series of fluorinated oils and greases was specifically designed for use in industrial maintenance, repair, and operations.  However, these products can be used wherever superior reliability and safety are required.

The InfinX MRO line offers products formulated with both Halocarbon PCTFE and Halocarbon PFPE technology.  Both PCTFE and PFPE chemistries have emerged as the two standard classes in fluorinated lubricant technology.  Halocarbon is proud to offer both of these fluorolubes under one brand, giving you the choice of chemistry that is best suited for your application and needs. 

InfinX MRO 2505 was designed to provide long-lasting, non-flammable lubrication in oxygen handling applications.  InfinX MRO 2510 was crafted to provide superior lubricity and chemical inertness, making it the lubricating grease of choice for hazardous chemical operations strongly acidic environments, and in reactive gas handling.  InfinX MRO K205 is a new line of PFPE-grease that provides superior durability across a wide temperature range, delivering on the promise of safety and reliability that is synonymous with Halocarbon lubricants. 

The InfinX MRO line was designed with the toughest and harshest application environments in mind.  These products are commonly used in demanding industrial processes that involve strong Lewis acids, chlorine gas, peroxides, and other highly reactive and oxidizing chemistries. Halocarbon is committed to growing the InfinX MRO series, and will introduce new products aimed at other maintenance, repair, and operations uses such as chemically inert gauge-fill fluids, nonflammable compressor oils, and non-reactive diaphragm seal fluids.  

InfinX MRO will provide you with a complete package of fluorinated greases and oils for use in your toughest applications.