Halocarbon Introduces InfinX

Halocarbon is excited to launch  InfinX,  a new brand of fluorinated lubricant that was designed with our customer’s specific applications in mind. Unlike other fluorinated lubricant brands, InfinX goes beyond the chemistry of the base oil – providing our customers with the choice of properties best suited for the unique demands of their businesses. 

Introducing InfinX High-Performance Lubricants

InfinX builds on the rich 70-year history of Halocarbon PCTFE technology and introduces Halocarbon PFPE-based oils and greases – creating a broad toolchest of fluorolubes under one brand. This family of high-performance lubricants is strategically formulated for customer-specific requirements and is extremely well-suited for a wide range of applications. For over the past seven decades, the field of tribology has evolved significantly, and new innovative lubricant solutions have emerged for a wide range of applications. 

What Are Fluorinated Lubricants?

Fluorinated lubricants, such as PCTFE- and PFPE-based oils and greases, are fluids and coatings specially designed using advanced chemistry to improve industrial processing efficiency.  In harsh manufacturing conditions, or for processes that require long operating lifetimes, only the highest-performing lubricants will do.  Fluorinated lubricants manufactured using Halocarbon PCTFE and Halocarbon PFPE technology provide exceptional  performance, and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, high pressure, exposure to harsh chemical environments, extensive wear and tear, and highly oxidizing conditions. Halocarbon leads the industry in the development and distribution of high-performance PCTFE and PFPE lubricants, including our latest breakthrough innovation, InfinX. 

Among fluorinated lubricants, two main base oil technologies have become standard – PCTFE and PFPE. While these technologies offer comparable characteristics of being non-reactive and non-flammable, they each provide unique properties that can make a significant difference in a variety of demanding end-use applications. 

For example, PFPE-based oils and greases provide superior lubricity across the broadest range of application conditions. PCTFE-based lubricants, on the other hand come in the form of fluorinated oils, greases, and waxes. These low-molecular weight PCTFE-based lubricants provide exceptional surface lubricity and cooling in metal working applications involving the cutting or forming of refractory metals and their alloys. This includes materials constructed using molybdenum, tungsten, niobium, and tantalum. Likewise, PCTFE-based oils can be used in the presence of strong Lewis acids, under conditions in which PFPE-based oils can rapidly degrade. Finally, while PFPE-based lubricants function even at elevated temperatures, PCTFE-based lubricants provide superior lubricity at cryogenic and ultra-low temperatures.

Infinite Possibilities With InfinX

With both technologies, InfinX by Halocarbon offers our customers the broadest range of solutions. InfinX represents infinite possibilities… infinite applications… under infinite conditions. Got an application that needs a fluorinated lubricant? Ask Halocarbon “How?” and let’s create your next breakthrough.