InfinX Expands to International E-Commerce

InfinX continues to make significant strides in the fluorochemical e-commerce space since its inception. Building on the rich 70-year history of Halocarbon PCTFE technology, InfinX greases and oils bring a wide range of high-performance properties for critical applications in manufacturing and industrial processes. These advanced lubricants are designed with the most demanding environments in mind, and are now available for simplified purchasing on InfinX’s e-commerce site.

Now, InfinX has opened up international e-commerce sales beyond the United States to include Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and several parts of the European Union, including France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland. This expansion brings the unique benefits of our comprehensive portfolio of PCTFE and PFPE products to more customers, partners, and applications than ever before. InfinX will continue to augment our sales capabilities, as we prioritize innovation and breakthrough technologies in the fluorochemical industry with our sights set on a global sales reach. 

High-Performance Fluids for Demanding Applications

InfinX fluids are designed using Halocarbon PCTFE and PFPE-based systems to deliver ultra-high performance, inert properties, and exceptional value compared to conventional oils and greases. With an emphasis on safety and long-term reliability, InfinX lubricant solutions offer the optimal combination of chemical and physical properties:

Chemical Properties:

  • Non-flammability
  • Chemical inertness 
  • Low toxicity 
  • Immiscibility with water
  • Easy removal/cleaning

Physical Properties:

  • High thermal stability
  • Good dielectric strength
  • Low compressibility
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Superior lubricity


InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil

As a PCTFE oil designed for hazardous operations, InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil exhibits a wide range of compatibility with commonly used materials, and is nonflammable, nonreactive, and chemically inert. This low viscosity oil is ideal for use in instrumentation fill fluid for gauges, pressure sensors, diaphragm seals, and mechanical seal barrier fluid.   


InfinX MRO 27 Oil

InfinX MRO 27 Oil is a PCTFE oil formulated for use in hazardous operations, as it offers excellent sealing properties and lubricity. This medium-viscosity oil offers outstanding material compatibility and is well-suited for compressor pump fluid, hydraulic fluid, and mechanical seal barrier fluid. 


InfinX MRO 2505 Grease

InfinX MRO 2505 is a nonflammable, moisture-resistant, and chemically inert grease solution developed for use in oxygen-rich environments. This low-vapor-pressure grease is an optimal lubricant for fittings, valves, and oxygen tank regulators. 


InfinX MRO 2510 Grease

A high-quality grease formulated for use in hazardous operations, InfinX MRO 2510 delivers versatility and excellent material compatibility. This nonflammable, moisture-resistant, chemically inert grease is made with a rust inhibitor, making it a suitable lubricant selection for O-rings, gaskets, and threaded connectors. 


InfinX MRO KF205 Grease

A high-performance grease for demanding conditions, InfinX MRO KF205 is a versatile lubricant for safe use across a broad range of essential applications. This chemically inert, nonflammable grease is thickened with a PTFE-based thickener, and is optimal for general-purpose applications such as bearings, automotive NVH, o-rings, sealing gaskets, valves, and threaded connectors. 


InfinX HaloVac 25

As a synthetic lubricating grease, HaloVac 25 is designed for laboratory vacuum and low-pressure applications, such as sealing gaskets, glass and ceramic joints, and plug valves. This chemically inert and nonflammable grease offers safe and reliable performance across a range of critical applications. 


InfinX HaloVac Ultra

An ultra-low vapor pressure grease, HaloVac Ultra is formulated to provide superior seals in demanding vacuum applications. This grease formulation outperforms conventional hydrocarbons and silicone-based greases and even comparable fluorinated lubricant solutions. 


InfinX greases and oils are designed for the toughest, most demanding conditions and environments. This comprehensive portfolio provides solutions for any MRO application that requires safe, high-performance, reliable lubrication. Let’s empower your next breakthrough—shop our InfinX MRO products today.