Calibration Baths and How to Choose the Optimal Calibration Fluid

Calibration bath systems, such as Fluke Calibration systems or Kaye CTR-80 liquid baths, are sophisticated devices used to calibrate temperature sensors, probes, thermometers, and other temperature-related instruments. They provide a stable and controlled environment for performing accurate temperature calibrations across a wide range of temperatures. These systems are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, research, and quality control.

How Calibration Bath Systems Work

A variety of components in Fluke systems and Kaye systems must work effectively to enable reliable calibration:

Temperature Control Unit: The core of a calibration bath system is its temperature control unit. This unit includes a heater and a cooling system, usually a refrigeration system. The combination of these components allows the system to generate and maintain specific temperature setpoints with a high degree of accuracy.

Fluid Medium: The system uses a heat transfer fluid, often a specialized liquid with high thermal stability and a broad operating range. The temperature control unit heats or cools this fluid to achieve the desired calibration temperature. The fluid's properties, including its specific heat and thermal conductivity, play a crucial role in the accuracy of the calibration process.

Calibration Bath Tank: The calibration bath tank is where the calibration process takes place. It's a well-insulated chamber filled with the heat transfer fluid. The temperature control unit maintains the fluid's temperature at the desired setpoint, which can range from sub-zero temperatures to several hundred degrees Celsius, depending on the model.

Inserts and Adapters: The bath tank often includes inserts, wells, or adapters where temperature sensors or probes can be placed for calibration. These inserts are designed to accommodate various types and sizes of sensors. They ensure good thermal contact between the sensor being calibrated and the heat transfer fluid, allowing accurate temperature transfer.

Controller and Display: Fluke Calibration bath systems and Kaye CTR-80 baths for ultra-low temperatures come equipped with a user-friendly digital controller and display interface. This interface allows users to set the desired temperature, monitor the current temperature, and make adjustments if needed. Some models might also offer advanced features like multiple setpoints, ramping, and data logging.

Stability and Uniformity: One of the critical features of these calibration bath systems is their stability and uniformity. Stability refers to the system's ability to maintain a constant temperature over time, while uniformity refers to the consistency of temperature across different parts of the bath chamber. Higher-end models provide excellent stability and uniformity, ensuring accurate and reliable calibrations.

Calibration Process: The sensor is placed in the appropriate well or adapter to calibrate a temperature sensor. The system is set to the desired calibration temperature, and the sensor's readings are compared to the bath's temperature. Any discrepancies can be used to adjust the sensor's calibration or to validate its accuracy.

The Role of Calibration Bath Fluids

Both Fluke Calibration systems and Kaye CTR-80 systems are cutting-edge bath technologies that rely on specialized fluids to create impeccable temperature environments characterized by unrivaled stability, uniformity, and substantial working volumes. But what sets apart the calibration bath fluid that achieves optimal results?

A cornerstone of calibration systems, such as Fluke or Kaye, is the fluid they employ. Bath fluids play a pivotal role in upholding consistent mechanical, chemical, and physical properties, even in extreme temperatures. The purpose of calibration bath fluids is to establish a stable and uniform temperature setting within calibration baths, an essential requirement for secondary or comparison temperature calibrations.


Introducing InfinX Calibration Fluid 0.8

Engineered by InfinX, a pioneer in advanced performance fluids and lubricants, InfinX Calibration Fluid 0.8 is specifically tailored to meet the demanding requirements of low-temperature thermometric sensor calibration, a common need in Fluke and Kaye CTR-80 systems.

InfinX Calibration Fluid 0.8 boasts extraordinary fluidity even at the most extreme cold temperatures, functioning seamlessly across an impressive range from -100ºC to 70ºC. Its exceptional thermal heat transfer capabilities ensure optimal efficiency, while its chemical inertness guarantees unmatched safety. Its non-flammable and non-corrosive properties safeguard equipment and processes, rendering it an ideal choice for critical calibration tasks.

Moreover, its low toxicity ensures compliance with stringent regulations while providing peace of mind. The fluid's unparalleled stability ensures consistent and reliable performance, even after repeated temperature cycling. Its hydrophobic nature repels water, preserving superior performance, and its UV stability adds durability and longevity.


Why InfinX Calibration Fluid 0.8 is the Ultimate Choice?

InfinX Calibration Fluid 0.8 seamlessly complements a variety of low-temperature Fluke Calibration bath systems, including:

  • Fluke 7380
  • Fluke 7381
  • Fluke 7081

Additionally, InfinX Calibration Fluid 0.8 is highly recommended for optimal temperature stability in Kaye CTR-80 liquid bath systems for calibrating ultra-low temperature applications and processes. This includes: 

  • Freezers/Refrigerators
  • Cold Rooms
  • Ultra-Low Freezers
  • Freeze Dryers

With the same formula as the renowned Halocarbon 0.8 Oil technology, InfinX Calibration Fluid 0.8 has a longstanding reputation as the recommended calibration fluid for advanced temperature calibration instruments. From industry-leading systems to specialized and custom instruments, 0.8 ensures efficient calibration fluid bath performance, enabling precise calibrations that consistently exceed expectations.

A testament to InfinX's unwavering commitment to excellence, 0.8 is a low molecular weight polymer of chlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE). Its crystal-clear, colorless composition is the result of meticulous formulation, merging exceptional low-temperature fluidity, thermal stability, and low compressibility to thrive in even the most demanding environments, making it the quintessential choice for leading calibration bath fluid systems.

Seamless Fluid Refill with InfinX Calibration Fluid 0.8

Elevate your calibration processes with consistent results and unparalleled reliability by refilling your Kaye or Fluke system fluid with InfinX Calibration Fluid 0.8. Whether you're in need of a fluid for sophisticated cryogenic applications or specialized uses, InfinX Calibration Fluid 0.8 stands ready to meet your requirements. Consult our team of experts to explore how this bath fluid refill can enhance your calibration processes, ensuring optimal performance for years to come.