InfinX MRO 4.2: A Versatile PCTFE Oil

As one of the newest additions to InfinX’s well-rounded portfolio of solutions for maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil offers a variety of essential properties well-suited for high-performance lubrication. This specialty fluorinated oil is designed for use in hazardous operations, and is formulated to deliver long-term sealing and lubrication properties despite interaction with an extremely broad range of commonly used materials.

InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil Overview

InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil is a nonflammable, nonreactive, and chemically inert lubricant optimal for use in a range of aggressive environments. As a high-quality PCTFE oil, InfinX MRO 4.2 is recommended for use in applications that involve strong acids or bases, flammable solvents, hydrocarbons, corrosive chemicals, strong oxidizers, and reactive gases like oxygen and chlorine. Formulated from Halocarbon PCTFE technology, this specialty oil is engineered to provide superior safety and reliability in even the most threatening conditions. 

InfinX MRO 4.2 is a low-viscosity PCTFE oil that can be used across a wide range of operating temperatures (-70°C to +200°C). This oil has good lubricity, high thermal stability, and low compressibility. 

InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil is the rebranded, commercially available version of Halocarbon 4.2 Oil.

InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil Key Properties

  • Viscosity: 3.9cSt @ 40°C / 4.2cSt @ 100°F
  • Color: Water White
  • Pour Point: -73°C (-100°F)
  • Cloud Point: <-87°C (<-125°F)
  • Flash Point: None
  • Density @ 25°C (g/cm3): 1.87

InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil Applications

Due to its chemically inert composition and low viscosity, InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil is an ideal lubricant selection for applications such as instrumental fill fluid for gauges, pressure sensors, diaphragm seals, and mechanical seal barrier fluids.

Instrumental Fill Fluid for Gauges

Gauge fill fluids must be chemically inert, nonflammable, and safe to use, as they are often in close proximity to potentially explosive applications. InfinX MRO 4.2 offers exceptional nonreactivity and performance for use in instrumental fill fluid for gauges. 

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors are used in a wide variety of manufacturing operations to determine the pressure of a gas or liquid in relation to the present surrounding atmosphere. These devices require high-quality, safe, nonreactive lubricants to ensure instrument longevity and reliability. InfinX MRO 4.2 exhibits good lubricity, excellent stability, and nonreactivity, making it an ideal lubricant for pressure sensors.

Diaphragm Seals

Diaphragm seals are a useful pressure measurement device when operation components cannot come into contact with pressurized parts of the instruments. Accordingly, lubricants used in these applications must be nonreactive, nonflammable and chemically inert, making InfinX MRO 4.2 a choice oil for diaphragm seal lubrication. 

Mechanical Seal Barrier Fluid

Mechanical seals in manufacturing and industrial operations contain all types of fluids in a variety of operation-specific vessels. To ensure reliable performance, these seals require a thin film of barrier fluids that lubricate the seal faces. InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil demonstrates the optimal nonreactivity, nonflammability, and lubricity for use in mechanical seal barrier fluids. 

Refurbished Cryogenic Oxygen Tanks

InfinX MRO 4.2 Oil is regularly utilized in liquid filled gauges for refurbished cryogenic oxygen tanks in the transportation industry. This high-performance product is used to prevent leaks as it is an inert oil that will not react with oxygen.

With decades of experience as a leading developer of high-performance lubricants, InfinX by Halocarbon makes premium performance, reliability, and safety readily accessible. Let’s empower your next breakthrough–shop our line of MRO lubricants today.