InfinX MRO 6.3 by Halocarbon

InfinX MRO 6.3 by Halocarbon is a high-performance, specialty oil designed for use in hazardous operations. This oil is nonflammable, nonreactive, and chemically inert. It is recommended for use in applications that involve strong acids or bases, flammable solvents, hydrocarbons, corrosive chemicals, strong oxidizers, and reactive gases like oxygen and chlorine. Formulated from Halocarbon PCTFE Technology, this specialty oil is engineered to provide superior safety and reliability.

InfinX MRO 6.3 is the same oil as Halocarbon 6.3 Oil.


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Chemically Inert
Chlorine & Oxygen Compatible
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InfinX MRO 6.3 is a low viscosity PCTFE oil that can be used across a wide range of operating temperatures (-50C to +200C). This oil has good lubricity, high thermal stability, and low compressibility. Typical applications of InfinX MRO 6.3 are as an inert instrument fill fluid and as a mechanical seal barrier fluid.

• Viscosity: 5.8cSt @ 40C / 6.3cSt @ 100F

• Water White

• Pour Point: -71C (-95F)

• Cloud Point: <-87C (<-125F)

• Flash Point: None

• Density @ 25C (g/cm3): 1.94

• Thermal Stability Note: The thermal stability of Halocarbon oils extends up to the decomposition temperature of the carbon chain. These compounds are subject to thermal cracking above 580°F (304°C) with rapid breakdown occurring above 620°F (327°C) into volatile compounds. The maximum recommended safe operating temperature is 400°F (204°C). Applications above 300°F (150°C) should be evaluated prior to use.

• Instrumentation Fill Fluid for Gauges

• Pressure Sensors

• Diaphragm Seals

• Mechanical Seal Barrier Fluid

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  • Product Name: InfinX MRO 6.3 Oil
  • Lot/Batch #: 8C22103
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